About Commoff

The vision of Commoff

We perform our duties and assignments in communication oriented practice within a vision which provides our clients to establish their own realistic and attainable objectives. Our perspective enables our clients to re-orient themselves, when necessary, to restore from setbacks or weak restructuring. The human capital is placed into the center of our window.

Our objective

ComOff has the ambition to ensure the communication knowledge and wants to convert this knowledge into practice. Her objective is the development of a world communication, where communication practice reflects in interactive relationships between human beings on a personal level as well as on a professional level and in which language, culture, mentality, identity, characteristic property won’t lose their respect to one another.

Company profile

Who are we and what do we do?

We are Communication Officers and provide our clients a differentiation of approaches to blow a new wind into their companies by converting communication knowledge into practice. Companies who are in need of support and intervention to strengthen performance in a humanized acceptable way.

Who do we support?

As Communication officers we are closely connected to the company InterQualia. This company developed a test battery that provides and ensures clients personal and professional growth. The company activates scientific research to better and guide companies when in distress. We are happy to give you some more information on leadership in organisations. The expert in emotional health is certainly Charles-Henri Amherdt. He is the founder of the Global Center of Emotional Health and can be found on www.santeemotionnelle.com. Another link to the following website will provide you some information on Emotional Health in general: www.eiconsortium.org


As a Psychologist I started this company, together with other psychologists, therapists, psycho-educational and vocational people who believe that communication knowledge and practice-oriented communication corrects the counselling and intervention in section knowledge which provide companies the opportunity for modification in a progressive and positive way. Through intensive training and experience I have been promoted to Officer in practice-oriented Communication.

The Manager